How to prepare for an Interview for an interview

In today’s world, the thing that has the most importance is the money. It’s like with money you are something, without money you are nothing. The need for a lot of money is felt so much that every person in the house wishes to work.

Though finding a work in government field is difficult, everybody dreams of a government job. A site where you can learn anything about this. But getting a government job now a days has become a tedious job as many of them apply for the same. Here are a few tips that can help you get through the interviews.


  • The first thing that you should keep in mind is the mental preparation which means that no matter whether you are selected or not, you are going to be fine. It is found in studies that most of the candidates suffer from depression when rejected in the interview.
  • Prepare for the interview in advance. Keep yourself updated with the recent changes that have been taken place in that particular sector. You can also subscribe for rss feeds over the internet.
  • Always be in a habit of reading newspapers. Newspapers keep you updated in almost all the fields of the sectors of economy.
  • Remember that first impression is the last impression. Hence, present yourself in such a way that no employer can refuse you the job.
  • Make your bio data clear and true. Do not write false things by thinking that you will get through the interview. Instead be frank enough to admit who you are and what you can do.
  • In case you are not very much social with other people, join some personality development classes and help yourself with them. Communication is the basis of every job. Hence, develop your communication skills excellently.
  • You can search on the internet the likely questions that are asked for the interview and prepare how you are going to answer them. At the same time, be ready for some unexpected and ‘difficult to answer questions’. Difficult to answer means the questions like ‘What will we get if you work with us?’, ‘Why did you not do some XYZ course and PQR course?’ etc.
  • Dress formally for the interview. Do not forget to enter the cabin where the interview is going to take place with a smile.
  • Check whether all your documents, certificates, call letter and bio data are there in place in your file. This should be done on the day before the interview. You can also take a short introduction letter with you during your interview session.
  • Be cool while answering the questions. If you get through the interview it’s good and if you do not, think of it as an experience. Never get disheartened.

What to take while going for an interview –

  • a water bottle
  • a pen and notepad
  • some money
  • proof for photo identification (like your passport or driving license)
  • the job description and person specification
  • your academic documentations and work experience certificates
  • your curriculum vitae, application form and interview letter.

Best New Car Buying Websites of 2017 to Use

From the last few years, it is now easier for most of the people to buy their favorite stuff online easily.  If you have decided to buy a new car, then you can find out best resources on the internet where you can check out the prices of new car along with models and body shape etc and after that you decide whether to buy that specific car or not.

Before buy any car, a good idea is to first go to the official website of its merchant and then take a look at the models, body share and prices of car that you are looking to buy. Also you can request custom quotes and find local dealers online easily. There are many like free movie websites collection same here you can see it. To get better idea of average website, you should need to visit minimum of five websites at least. Once you have decided to best car model, you can then go to buy that new car easily.

Well if you are one of those people who have decided to buy new car in 2015 and want to know about the best websites for buying cars in 2015, then this guide will be useful for you. Because today in this article we are going to talk about best car buying websites.

best car buying websites

Best New Car Buying Websites of 2017 to Use

Finding the best sites about this purpose is time consuming seems to be a little bit of difficult task, in order to make your work more easier, below we have decided to share top new car buying sites list to take maximum benefit of them. I am pretty sure that you will find these website helpful.

Auto Tempest is considered as aggregator for finding cars as their search engines fetches best car deals from,, eBay motors, etc and many more other resources.  It is one of the most popular website on the internet which is growing rapidly and getting better day by day. seems to have a simple design and promises to deliver best results for the online users. is another largest resource on the internet to find out best cars deals in 2015 and best thing is that it is biggest place to have a look at more than three million vehicle listings from all over the world. More than 40000 dealers and around 250000 private owners are offering best vehicle deals and gets around more than 13 million verified buyers every months which seems to be great. seems to be one of the greatest search engines which is simple for finding both new and used cards easily.

Ebay Motors

eBay motors seems to be another largest hub for finding best used and new car deals from different sellers across the globe. The best thing about it is that you can directly offer your desired price to seller and seller can accept or reject it as well.

Some other useful resources and sites to buy new and used cards are shared below:

So these are the best websites online for new car buying purposes that you can use for buying new car for yourself. Now it’s up to you to select best website for this purpose and make a purchase online.

Taskbar Not Working Windows 7

Most of us use PCs on a great note.  We get many problems while using different Windows versions.  Windows 7 is one of the most used windows versions.  While using the PCs we get some errors and luckily most of them are solvable.

Though it is not a windows common error, this error of “taskbar not working” pops up quite sometimes in Windows 7.  The taskbar consists of the windows we are browsing or using for our work.  Sometimes the taskbar freezes or gets struck and won’t work no matter what we do.  As it is a problem with user interface, it can be solved easily in no time.

Though it is okay to get this error on a rear note, it becomes a headache if it pops up often.  The taskbar comes under User Interface and so it is a bit easy to tackle on own without the need of professional help.  If you have any issues with your Windows 7 taskbar like if it is not working properly, if it is freezed,

if it is unresponsive or something else then you can easily fix it in minutes’ time.  You can get the fixes from our article today.  It is a simple process and won’t take much time.  Check out our article to find out the fix for taskbar not working error in Windows 7.

Taskbar Not Working Windows 7

How to fix taskbar not working error in Windows 7?

We have listed out pretty simple steps on how to fix taskbar not working error in Windows 7.  You no need to take professional help to fix this error.  Just follow the steps we have mentioned below as it is to make your taskbar run as usual.

Step 1

Open Task Manager.  As the taskbar is not working, you cannot open task manger from the taskbar.  So, go to Windows and type ‘Task Manager’ and press enter.

task manager

Step 2

On pressing enter, the Windows Task Manager window gets open.  You can find different tabs in the window saying Applications, Processes, Services, Performance, Networking and Users.  Click on “Processes” tab.

taskmanager Networking and Users

Step 3

In the Processes tab, search for “explorer.exe” file and end the process by clicking on “End Process” button down in the window.  A dialogue box opens that reads “Do you want to end ‘explorer.exe’?”, click on End Process to remove the explorer. exe from the processes.

explorer exe

Step 4

Now, you can go to Run and type explorer.exe there, but most of the times it does not work.  Worry not!  You can go with another option.  Go to Windows Task Manger window and click on File> New Task and in that type explorer.exe and click on OK.


Now close the Windows Task Manger window.  You can see that your taskbar is working perfectly now.  Most of the times, this will solve your taskbar not working error in Widows 7.

If you still see the same error, then just try to restart the task manager or restart your computer.  It may be of great help to fix the error.


Ttips to manage diabetes during Ramzan fasting

Diabetes is very commonly seen in people these days. People suffering from diabetes have high blood sugar where in the blood sugar is caused because the pancreas does not produce adequate insulin.  A proper diet is necessary to be followed by the diabetic person and proper intake of medicines and doctor’s advice is needed.

Ttips to manage diabetes during ramzan fasting
Ttips to manage diabetes during ramzan fasting

It’s the Ramzan month and all the Muslims as per the Quran are expected to fast from sunrise to sunset. It is a personal choice to do fasting for about a month and few strict rules are to be followed during the fast.

It gets difficult for the diabetic patient to fast for a month and eat only after sunset and can’t even gulp a sip of water in between. This can be the major factor of health issue as it is not easy to fast in summers and that too for a month.  Such long gaps are not advisory and may lead to metabolic changes in the body of a diabetic patient.

However, if you still are willing to fast and walk on the religious past, follow the tips to control diabetes during Ramzan fasting, So if you  are searching for how to make lean with nyquil sure it will help you.

  • Before getting started with the fast, take insulin at a low amount and generally less than that of the regular amount of intake.
  • Maintain the glucose levels of the body and have a regular checkup.
  • Before starting the fast, eat a little amount of food like dal, rice, fruits, and vegetables in order to maintain the glucose level in the body for the long gap of about 12 hours fasting.
  • At the time of breaking the fast and when you can eat, try to minimize the food in small portions and strictly avoid eating sweets.

Follow this few tips and happy fasting.


Being pregnant is not easy as one more life gets joined and the safety needed to be taken gets double. Complications are commonly seen in women who are pregnant these days. Ladies who are facing depression and anxiety problems should be very careful as the internal and external brain activity of the newborn gets affected to a great extent.

A number of fetal developmentals is the major complication seen these days. Babies are getting born prematurely and dis –abled with low brain functioning and other problems. According to a new study, Antidepressant use during pregnancy has been said to affect the brain of the child in pregnant women.

The effects of drugs on fetal brain development should be examined more carefully and non-pharmacological interventions should be the first treatment for depression and anxiety during the pregnancy phase.


Yes, it is true that the brain only forms in the womb and is said to function after born between 0-5 years. But, proper formation of the brain is necessary and Sampsa Vanhatalo of the Helsinki University Hospital says,” We found many changes in the brain activity of SRI-exposed newborns.” All this is caused because of the side effect of material drug treatment used for the antidepressant for pregnant ladies.

The basic study was done to examine the effect of SRI exposure on the new born baby’s brain activity. As per the research, 22 ladies using SRI medication and 62 ladies without medication were aimed at seeing how fetal SRI drug results in low brain activity of newborns.

Vanhatalo adds saying,” We hope that our study will facilitate the current international discussion and search for effective alternatives in the treatment of depression and anxiety during pregnancy.” It is advisable to be doubling sure and careful during pregnancy.


Over the past five years, the Indian government took many steps for evacuating polio from the country and were unbeaten at it until recently when a virus was found in the drainage of Hyderabad, leading all the efforts to go in vain. It was just so peaceful over the year’s right when the subcontinent was completely polio free.



You must all be pondering over the question where did the virus come from its still an enigma but the shot in the dark is it was originated from a child in Hyderabad with a poor immune system who have had the history of immunization with polio virus10 months back .When the child was passing faeces the virus got into the drain and In no less time, this news had spread as a rocket and knock over the government with a feather.


so all must be wondering what would be the next step by government, what must be government doing about it, don’t worry history is again repeating, again all those efforts are being made firstly the government is in search for the child though it’s a difficult task and secondly each and every child will be given the polio vaccination at the booth between June 21 and June 26 (including the babies of 6 months to a child of three years.). So now it’s the parent’s part to take their children for the vaccination, do not even think of skipping that even if you got your child

So now it’s the parent’s part to take their children for the vaccination, do not even think of skipping that even if you got your child the polio drops earlier and also Government is bearing the entire expenditure of the vaccines and medicines.

Government and doctor are putting all of their extra efforts to again get that polio free status, now it’s our turn to support them and cooperate till the researches are going on .


Yeah, stop rubbing your eyes to confirm what you have just read because you have absolutely read that right. Researchers now had declined the statement that drinking coffee leads to tumor growth in the body as there is no clear link between drinking coffee and cancer. yang own and epidemiologist working at oxford university who carried out extensive studies to find any link between coffee and cancer quoted that

“I’m not really sure why coffee was in a higher category in the first place,”. So guys next time someone stops you from drinking coffee make them read this article while sipping coffee as a lot can happen over coffee.


International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

On the contrary, International Agency for Research on Cancer, (IARC) disclosed that drinking very hot beverages can act as carcinogens and may promote tumor growth. studies have depicted that in countries such as Iraq , china, and south America in particular tea is consumed at a very high temperature ranging between 65 or 70 degree Celsius ( 150 or 160 degrees Fahrenheit) and there is also an association of occurrence of the higher number of esophageal cancers in these countries as well.

Explaining the pathogenesis behind this Loomis said that thermal injuries or scalding occur in the epithelial of Oesophagus following consumption of hot beverages and inflicting repeated injuries to the Oesophageal epithelial causes dysplasia of the cells leading to the possibility of cancer development in the throat. It is also to be believed that eating very hot food items as well is a risk factor.

However QUIT SMOKING and REDUCE ALCOHOL INTAKE which significantly lowers cancer risk and to look at the brighter side we now have freedom to drink our favorite coffee.LIVE HEALTHY, LIVE LONG!!


According to the study, one out of every four Indian’s faces abnormal thyroid levels. This is commonly seen among people. A three-year-long study was conducted in the country and the report states the risk of thyroid level and disorders among the people globally and 42 million people are Indians among all.

SRL diagnostic in India has surveyed and the data reveals across the disorders estimated that 200 million people are suffering from the abnormal thyroid disease.


According to the study, more than 20 lakh samples were screened by the SRL out of which 25.3 percent of the samples were found abnormal and the rate of the disorder is found is women when compared to men.  It is found that the rate in women is 26 % and in men, it is 24%. The highest level of thyroid values was seen mostly in the eastern zone of the country.

“There is a significant need to reach out to the masses and create awareness about the causes, symptoms, treatment and importance of testing for thyroid disorders,” says the director of Fortis Labs, Dr. Leena Chatterjee. There can be two types of thyroid disorders seen in people depending upon the hormone results.

The excess thyroid hormones are known as “hyperthyroidism” whereas the lack of hormone production is named as “hypothyroidism.”

More facts about the thyroid disorders!

The thyroid is a disease that is seen at the base of the neck and is a butterfly-shaped gland seen in the infected person. Why causes thyroid? A basic question asked by every person and the answer to it is Thyroid is caused when the hormones produced by the glands regulate the growth and other systems of the body are functioned, more commonly seen in old age people.

How to make iced coffee at home?

Iced coffee is a very tasty drink and it is related to cold drinks.You can buy this in many coffee shops. They will make this iced coffee with very nice taste and will serve you with good craving. In coffee shops, you can have an extra-strong, smooth coffee.

Also available there are numerous types in this iced coffee like cold-steeped brew. In iced coffee, they will add number of flavours. To make iced coffee at home, you need some ingredients.

 iced coffi

They are ice, milk, caramel, melted chocolate, whole coffee beans with the quantity 1/3 cup and cold water 1 and ½ cups. You also need some equipment such as coffee grinder, French press. If you have this equipment, then it is very easy to make at home.
First you need to grind the whole coffee beans in coffee grinder. It must be grind finely. Then you can combine the water and coffee powder in the French press. Then you can pour the liquid into the French press. Here you can add the sweaters and milk for taste.

Then add 1 and ½ cups of water with the liquid. Then you can stir it with the water, let it blend. Make this properly otherwise this coffee taste will be changed. Then you should put the coffee in the freezer for long time like overnight.

iced coffi

In the morning you can take out from fridge and fill the glass with the coffee. Then you can add ice cubes if needed and serve it.

This taste will be great. Now your iced coffee will be ready with good taste. When it is in cool stage, you can drink it. Otherwise it tastes different. In this way you can make iced coffee at home.
How to make ice coffee?
Ice coffee is a cold coffee which is available to drink in cool stage.This ice coffee tastes great when you will drink. Once you taste this drink, you will not forget the taste and you always want to taste this drink.

To make ice coffee, you need ingredients which are same as normal coffee. But here in ice coffee you need to freeze it. Ice coffee must be cool then only it tastes very good. And also to make this coffee you need experience.

You can try this –