Taskbar Not Working Windows 7

Taskbar Not Working Windows 7

Most of us use PCs on a great note.  We get many problems while using different Windows versions.  Windows 7 is one of the most used windows versions.  While using the PCs we get some errors and luckily most of them are solvable.

Though it is not a windows common error, this error of “taskbar not working” pops up quite sometimes in Windows 7.  The taskbar consists of the windows we are browsing or using for our work.  Sometimes the taskbar freezes or gets struck and won’t work no matter what we do.  As it is a problem with user interface, it can be solved easily in no time.

Though it is okay to get this error on a rear note, it becomes a headache if it pops up often.  The taskbar comes under User Interface and so it is a bit easy to tackle on own without the need of professional help.  If you have any issues with your Windows 7 taskbar like if it is not working properly, if it is freezed,

if it is unresponsive or something else then you can easily fix it in minutes’ time.  You can get the fixes from our article today.  It is a simple process and won’t take much time.  Check out our article to find out the fix for taskbar not working error in Windows 7.

Taskbar Not Working Windows 7

How to fix taskbar not working error in Windows 7?

We have listed out pretty simple steps on how to fix taskbar not working error in Windows 7.  You no need to take professional help to fix this error.  Just follow the steps we have mentioned below as it is to make your taskbar run as usual.

Step 1

Open Task Manager.  As the taskbar is not working, you cannot open task manger from the taskbar.  So, go to Windows and type ‘Task Manager’ and press enter.

task manager

Step 2

On pressing enter, the Windows Task Manager window gets open.  You can find different tabs in the window saying Applications, Processes, Services, Performance, Networking and Users.  Click on “Processes” tab.

taskmanager Networking and Users

Step 3

In the Processes tab, search for “explorer.exe” file and end the process by clicking on “End Process” button down in the window.  A dialogue box opens that reads “Do you want to end ‘explorer.exe’?”, click on End Process to remove the explorer. exe from the processes.

explorer exe

Step 4

Now, you can go to Run and type explorer.exe there, but most of the times it does not work.  Worry not!  You can go with another option.  Go to Windows Task Manger window and click on File> New Task and in that type explorer.exe and click on OK.


Now close the Windows Task Manger window.  You can see that your taskbar is working perfectly now.  Most of the times, this will solve your taskbar not working error in Widows 7.

If you still see the same error, then just try to restart the task manager or restart your computer.  It may be of great help to fix the error.


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