Ttips to manage diabetes during Ramzan fasting

Diabetes is very commonly seen in people these days. People suffering from diabetes have high blood sugar where in the blood sugar is caused because the pancreas does not produce adequate insulin.  A proper diet is necessary to be followed by the diabetic person and proper intake of medicines and doctor’s advice is needed.

Ttips to manage diabetes during ramzan fasting
Ttips to manage diabetes during ramzan fasting

It’s the Ramzan month and all the Muslims as per the Quran are expected to fast from sunrise to sunset. It is a personal choice to do fasting for about a month and few strict rules are to be followed during the fast.

It gets difficult for the diabetic patient to fast for a month and eat only after sunset and can’t even gulp a sip of water in between. This can be the major factor of health issue as it is not easy to fast in summers and that too for a month.  Such long gaps are not advisory and may lead to metabolic changes in the body of a diabetic patient.

However, if you still are willing to fast and walk on the religious past, follow the tips to control diabetes during Ramzan fasting, So if you  are searching for how to make lean with nyquil sure it will help you.

  • Before getting started with the fast, take insulin at a low amount and generally less than that of the regular amount of intake.
  • Maintain the glucose levels of the body and have a regular checkup.
  • Before starting the fast, eat a little amount of food like dal, rice, fruits, and vegetables in order to maintain the glucose level in the body for the long gap of about 12 hours fasting.
  • At the time of breaking the fast and when you can eat, try to minimize the food in small portions and strictly avoid eating sweets.

Follow this few tips and happy fasting.

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